Drama Script

The Script for the Drama by a group from Piety

(Title flashes: 100 YEARS)

(music plays :100 years)


(once there were two families that were friends. The Garcia family invited the Lorenzo family into a party. The father of  both family shake hands while both of their child hide at the back of their parents. Both of the kids are shy to each other.)


(crowd noise sound effect plays)


Father(Garcia): Hello my friend this my son, he’s ten years old.

Father(Lorenzo): Oh wow! What a handsome young boy,this is my daughter she’s just the same age as your son. Please come, eat! Please yourselves with what you want.


(the parents are eating while the boy went to the garden. Then he saw the girl being bullied by hers visitor’s children. Boy approaches the girl and defended her, then the bullies run.)


Boy: are you okay?(boy helps the girl stand up)

Girl: thanks,they to do this to me a lot.

Boy: don’t worry i’ll be your friend i will defend you.

Girl: really? I have no friends since we moved in here. You’re the first one.

Boy: Aha! I have an idea, let’s carve our names here in this tree as a remembrance.(carves name on the tree)

Girl: that’s good let’s good..so now let’s play


(Music plays: Everything Has Changed)


(curtain closes) 8 YEARS LATER

(curtain open, they became teenagers. It was Valentines day they were walking in the garden then sat down on the bench near the tree, where they used to play.)


Boy: remember this tree?we carved our names here.

Girl: yes, you defended me that time to those bullies.

Boy: do you know what lacks between our names?
Girl: what?

Boy: (draws a heart between the names) it lacks a heart….will you be my girlfriend?

Girl: yes!!!


(hugs each other)(curtains close)

(Music plays: 100 YEARS)



(It’s their monthsary. Girl is waiting on the mall for the boy to arrive.)

(boy arrives)


Boy: hey! What’s so important?

Girl: what? It’s our monthsary…

Boy: oh yes! I’m so sorrry, I was so busy at work I didn’t mean to forget this event.

Girl: do you even value this relationship? I’ve been waiting for an hour in here I look so stupid and you don’t even remember it’s our monthsary.


(girl rides in a taxi and leaves)(taxi sound effect plays)

(Music Plays: Goodnight Goodnight)


(weeks later boy gets a job at u.s. Boy calls the girl to inform her. Boy keeps calling but the girl won’t answer so he decided to leave a message to the girl.)


(Music plays: We don’t talk anymore)


(message: hey I’m leaving tomorrow I found a job in U.S. I understand why you won’t talk to me. I think this would be a good time to think about us.)


(Girl receives the message late. Girl rushed to the airport to find the Boy, but the crowd made it hard for the girl to find the boy.)


(Crowd noise sound effect plays)



(so the girl thought that the boy already left. Then when the crowd clears the boy was standing in front of the girl. The girl was shocked. They hug each other.)


(Music plays : 100 YEARS)


Girl: I thought you already left(crying)

Boy: my flight got delayed. They moved it in the afternoon.

Boy: Listen, I love you very much that’s why i’m doing this. When i’m back i will be stronger, I want to give you everything you need. (Boy gives necklace to the gril) I remembered our monthsary that time. Sorry i had a very bad sense of humor. You left right away and you didn’t gave me a chance to say it was a prank, sorry i was so immature.


(girl cries a lot)


Girl: are you dumb?!!! Why would you do that?….I hate you!!!

Boy: yes i know, I was so stupid… I need to rethink myself and I found a job in U.S. I promise i will call everyday.


(they hug each other then boy FLIES TO U.S.)


By: Elijah Dave Galenzoga



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