Poems by Fernandez IM C

We Used To Be

By: Fernandez IM C

I was once a child alone so innocent

But then I came to this very moment

I never knew someone out there could love me

As hurtful as the sting of a bee

You said promises you never granted

And now you’re happy but look at me, I’m haunted

You found someone new to pour out your love

As I am stuck nowhere like a homeless dove

First love is indeed painful when it fails

Makes you believe no more in tales

You once were the closest guy to me

Now our closeness is just a memory

You taught me how to love yet watch me fall

I thought you’d be different from them all

Well now everything seems to be in the past

Your love was never meant to last

Everything for you was just a lesson

But, which part? To my depression

I am alone in my room, empty

Thinking of what we have, we used to be.

You and Me

By: Fernandez IM C

You and me, we’re meant to be

But you went away and then left me

You and me, I thought forever

But your actions made me believe in never

You and me, I thought there was us

But when I cried, you didn’t budge

You and me, now I am all alone

You’re with her, never on your own

You and me, please fix my broken heart

Mend the pieces you tore apart

Prove to me that I am capable

Capable of being loved, without a broken cable

You and me, fear ate my whole self-up

Allowed something good to pop

You and me, regret is written on my face

But I have to smile and keep up with life’s pace

You and me, I wish we were not through

‘Coz you know, I’m not yet over you

You and me, you made a choice to leave

Now it’s all in the past, I have to believe.

Illogic Tradition

By: Fernandez IM C

(From “The Lottery by Shirley Jackson)

Forgot the date

Remembered tradition

Tried to oppose

The sinful culmination

They picked a paper

Each with shaking hands

Finding the “lucky” one

With a black mark on each end

“It wasn’t fair”

“It wasn’t right”

Protested the wife

Wishing to save her husband’s life

Draw by lot again

Still it was a fail

Hutchinson’s must be spared

But, to no avail

Wanted to be saved

Yet it was too late

A stone hit her head

Gave an end to her fate

Justice must be served

Illogic tradition must now end

Putting end to innocent lives

Should not be the way it is


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