Never a failure

When the film was passed, almost one thought echoed in our minds and hearts: We could have done better.

However, we refuse to call this event a failure. We haven’t failed anything because we have accomplished to make a movie, despite everything else. This is merely an experience for us to learn and grow from.

And we are proud of this:

Our Labaw Donggon Film

For our script check here: The Scripted Labor

For the trailer check here: A glimpse of our hardwork


A glimpse of our hardwork

It is not easy to make a film. It is even harder to edit clips.

When we made Labaw Donggon, it wasn’t easy. Some people fought, some held grudges and some won’t cooperate. Nevertheless, we were able to pass something.

It may not be our best but it certainly helped all of us develop as people.

Here is a link to our trailer: Labaw Donggon Trailer

For our script, check here: The Scripted Labor

Time Machine

(A short story inspired from Khaled Hosseini’s work: A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS)
by: Alao, Rhea Mae and Fernandez, Imee Marie
She needed to escape. She wanted and needed to see her mammy.
Everything seemed suffocating for her. She got out of the orphanage, breathless. She was grasping for air. Aziza clutched a hand in her chest and tried to control her rapid breathing. When she got her normal breathing back, her innocent eyes wandered the place. Aziza is an intelligent kid and even though she’s only 12, she recognized that she was no longer near her old home- the orphanage.
As her eyes wandered, her eyes landed on an old telephone booth. She suddenly had the urge to call her mom. She dialed on the phone but no one answered. Hopeless, she stepped out of the booth and noticed that she wasn’t home.
The place was odd and very strange. She looked back to where she came from but the telephone booth was gone. She felt goosebumps because all eyes were on her. People wore strange clothes, so different from what they wore back in the orphanage. She wandered around, finding her way back home.
A man in a blue uniform holding a black bat approached her. Her feet trembled and as much as she wanted to run away, she couldn’t. It seemed like her feet were glued to the ground. He bought her to the authorities and she feared for her life. She thought it was the end of her life and she soon started crying. She was only 12 and all she ever wanted was to see her mother.
People were hovering over her but she couldn’t understand a thing. They talked to her and she listened carefully even though she cannot understand anything. She tried to tell them about her mammy and everything in Afghanistan but all they did was shook their heads. They didn’t understand her as well.
Despite the miscommunication, they fed her, bathed her, and accommodated her for the night. The strangers were very kind and hospitable to her, that she felt calmed and at rest. Aziza felt the heaviness of her situation and dozed off. She just thought about finding her mammy for the next day.
And when she woke up the following day, the room looked familiar. She wandered her eyes and realized that she was back at the orphanage.
She idly wondered if everything was just a dream.

Drama Script

The Script for the Drama by a group from Piety

(Title flashes: 100 YEARS)

(music plays :100 years)


(once there were two families that were friends. The Garcia family invited the Lorenzo family into a party. The father of  both family shake hands while both of their child hide at the back of their parents. Both of the kids are shy to each other.)


(crowd noise sound effect plays)


Father(Garcia): Hello my friend this my son, he’s ten years old.

Father(Lorenzo): Oh wow! What a handsome young boy,this is my daughter she’s just the same age as your son. Please come, eat! Please yourselves with what you want.


(the parents are eating while the boy went to the garden. Then he saw the girl being bullied by hers visitor’s children. Boy approaches the girl and defended her, then the bullies run.)


Boy: are you okay?(boy helps the girl stand up)

Girl: thanks,they to do this to me a lot.

Boy: don’t worry i’ll be your friend i will defend you.

Girl: really? I have no friends since we moved in here. You’re the first one.

Boy: Aha! I have an idea, let’s carve our names here in this tree as a remembrance.(carves name on the tree)

Girl: that’s good let’s now let’s play


(Music plays: Everything Has Changed)


(curtain closes) 8 YEARS LATER

(curtain open, they became teenagers. It was Valentines day they were walking in the garden then sat down on the bench near the tree, where they used to play.)


Boy: remember this tree?we carved our names here.

Girl: yes, you defended me that time to those bullies.

Boy: do you know what lacks between our names?
Girl: what?

Boy: (draws a heart between the names) it lacks a heart….will you be my girlfriend?

Girl: yes!!!


(hugs each other)(curtains close)

(Music plays: 100 YEARS)



(It’s their monthsary. Girl is waiting on the mall for the boy to arrive.)

(boy arrives)


Boy: hey! What’s so important?

Girl: what? It’s our monthsary…

Boy: oh yes! I’m so sorrry, I was so busy at work I didn’t mean to forget this event.

Girl: do you even value this relationship? I’ve been waiting for an hour in here I look so stupid and you don’t even remember it’s our monthsary.


(girl rides in a taxi and leaves)(taxi sound effect plays)

(Music Plays: Goodnight Goodnight)


(weeks later boy gets a job at u.s. Boy calls the girl to inform her. Boy keeps calling but the girl won’t answer so he decided to leave a message to the girl.)


(Music plays: We don’t talk anymore)


(message: hey I’m leaving tomorrow I found a job in U.S. I understand why you won’t talk to me. I think this would be a good time to think about us.)


(Girl receives the message late. Girl rushed to the airport to find the Boy, but the crowd made it hard for the girl to find the boy.)


(Crowd noise sound effect plays)



(so the girl thought that the boy already left. Then when the crowd clears the boy was standing in front of the girl. The girl was shocked. They hug each other.)


(Music plays : 100 YEARS)


Girl: I thought you already left(crying)

Boy: my flight got delayed. They moved it in the afternoon.

Boy: Listen, I love you very much that’s why i’m doing this. When i’m back i will be stronger, I want to give you everything you need. (Boy gives necklace to the gril) I remembered our monthsary that time. Sorry i had a very bad sense of humor. You left right away and you didn’t gave me a chance to say it was a prank, sorry i was so immature.


(girl cries a lot)


Girl: are you dumb?!!! Why would you do that?….I hate you!!!

Boy: yes i know, I was so stupid… I need to rethink myself and I found a job in U.S. I promise i will call everyday.


(they hug each other then boy FLIES TO U.S.)


By: Elijah Dave Galenzoga


The Scripted Labor

The script writing was not easy. No one in the class could devote all their time to it because of our busy schedules and personal lives. Nevertheless, we were able to make it.

It went like this:



*Abyang Alunsina was giving birth

*Suddenly a wind blew going to the delivery room

*Labaw Donggon became mature



*Labaw Donggon and Anggoy Ginbitinan sitting by the river

LABAW DONGGON: O aking Anggoy Ginbitinan, ako’y lilisan muna sa iyong piling upang magtungo sa isang magandang dilag mula sa mundong ilalim.

ANGGOY GINBITINAN: Hindi ko mapipigilan ang iyong hiling basta’t ipangako mo sa akin na ika’y magbabalik.



LABAW DONGGON: Nagtungo ako sa iyong tahanan upang hilingin ang iyong mga kamay na ika’y aking maging asawa at kabiyak sa walang hanggan.

ANGGOY DORONOON: Ikinagagalak ko ang iyong pagpaparito sa mundong kinabibilangan ko. O aking Datu, ang maging kabiyak mo ang ninanais ng puso kong ito.

LABAW DONGGON: Sumama ka sa aking tahana’y mula ngayo’y sa iyo na rin.



*They were sitting on a chair

LABAW DONGGON: Mga asawa ko, magpapaalam muna ako sa inyo dahil pupuntahan ko si Nagmalitung Yawa Sinagmaling Diwata na siyang kabiyak ni Buyong Saragnayan. Haharapin ko ang anumang mga pagsubok makuha lamang ang asawa niya.

ANGGOY GINBITINAN: Mag-ingat ka sana.

ANGGOY DORONOON: At nawa’y matupad ang iyong gusto.



*Buyong Saragnayan saw Labaw Donggon from afar

BUYONG SARAGNAYAN: Sino ba ‘tong lalaki na kay magiting tingnan na pumunta dito sa lugar ko? Para siyang isang diyos na galing sa kalangitan. Ngunit hahamunin ko siya sa isang labanan upang malaman ko ang totoo niyang kaanyuan.

LABAW DONGGON: Odoyyyyy! Ang gusto ko lamang ay ang iyong kabiyak na si Nagmalitung Yawa Sinagmaling Diwata. ‘Yan lang at wala ng iba.

BUYONG SARAGNAYAN: Hindi ko hahayaang mangyari ‘yan. Makukuha mo lamang siya kung ako’y malagutan na ng hininga! Odoyyyyy! Kaya mag-away tayo, maglaban tayo hanggang sa huling hininga ko.




BUYONG SARAGNAYAN: O pamlang, ipahiram niyo sa akin ang inyong kapangyarihan. Dinggin niyo ang aking hinaing wasakin niyo ang alindog ni Labaw Donggon.

*Labaw Donggon’s charm was destroyed

LABAW DONGGON: Tinatawagan kita pamlang, pahiramin niyo ‘ko sa inyong kapangyarihan. Sirain ninyo ang alindog ni Buyong Saragnayan.

*Buyong Saragnayan’s charm was not destroyed

LABAW DONGGON: Ngayon na nagkaharap na tayo sa labanan, dapat ay gamitin natin ang ating lakas. Huwag nating gamitin ang ating mga alindog upang malaman natin kung sino sa ating dalawa’y mas malakas at matapang.

*Submersion of Saragnayan into the water by Labaw Donggon

*Beating of Saragnayan with coconut trees by Labaw Donggon

*Labaw Donggon became weak and Saragnayan imprisoned him in his pigpen under his kitchen



*The two of them met with each other

ASU MANGGA: Sino ka? Sino ka, manglalakbay? Saan ba ang iyong patutunguhan? Ang mga bituka mo’y hindi pa natatanggal.

BUYONG BARANUGON: Odoyyyyy! Ako ang anak ni Labaw Donggon kay Anggoy Doronoon. At ako’y naghahanap sa kanya ngayon.

ASU MANGGA: Odoyyyyy! Ako’y naghahanap din sa aking ama na si Labaw Donggon. Anak niya ako kay Anggoy Ginbitinan. Halika’t sumakay sa aking itim na Bangka, ang pinakamabilis sa lahat.

*Buyong Baranugon got in the boat

BUYONG BARANUGON: Ako’y nagulat aking kapatid. Ako’y nabahala dahil kay rami na ng taon ang lumipas, ngunit hindi pa rin nakabalik ang ating ama.

Odoyyyyy! Siguro’y ikinulong na siya ni Buyong Saragnayan sa ilalim ng kanyang bahay o di kaya’y kinain siya nito sapagkat siya’y kilalang halimaw na kinakain ang kanyang mga kalaban. Kaya halika kapatid at tingnan natin sa bolang krystal ang kalagayan n gating ama.

*They wiped their tears upon seeing their father

ASU MANGGA: O kaawaawang ama, ‘wag kang mag-alala. Kami’y darating upang iligtas ka.

BUYONG BARANUGON: O pamlang, ibigay niyo ang inyong kapangyarihan. Ituro ninyo ang daan patungo sa ama naming kahabag-habag ang pinagdaanan.

*They rode the boat going to Dingli, Saragnayan’s place



*He was talking to himself

LABAW DONGGON: Baka hinahanap na ako ng aking mga anak. Nawa’y sila’y dumating upang pakawalan ako mula sa madilin na lugar na ito.




*Saragnayan saw them from afar when they landed the shore

BUYONG SARAGNAYAN: Sino kaya ‘tong mga datu na nakasakay sa isang maitim na bangka? Wari ko’y sila’y puno ng lakaw at hiwaga.

BOTH: Odoyyyyy!

*Baranugon killed the monkeys who guard Saragnayan’s house

*They went under Saragnayan’s kitchen

BUYONG BARANUGON: Asu Mangga, buksan mo ang babuyan. Iligtas natin ang ating ama.

*Asu Mangga destroyed the pig pen

LABAW DONGGON: Mga anak ko! Kayo’y narito upang iligtas ako! Salamat aking mga anak!

BOTH: Ama!

*They hugged

*They escaped and ran towards the boat

LABAW DONGGON: Bilisan ninyo! Mag-iingat kayo dahil si Buyong Saragnayan ay mabangigs na mandirigma. Hindi mamatay-matay. Hindi nananagutan ng buhay.

BUYONG BARANUGON: Ama, hindi tayo aalis nang hindi nababawi ang dangal na sa inyo’y nawala nang ika’y kanyang natalo at nakulong nang kay habang panahon.

LABAW DONGGON: Ngunit ako’y natatakot para sa inyong kaligtasan.

ASU MANGGA: Magtiwala ka sa amin. Magtungo ka sa bangka at protektahan ang iyong sarili ama.



BOTH: Odoyyyyy!

BUYONG BARANUGON: Saragnayan! Lumabas ka at kami’y iyong labanan.

BUYONG SARAGNAYAN: Mga hangal! Hindo ninyo makakayanang labanan ako!

*Saragnayan called the people from the underworld to be his army

BUYONG SARAGNAYAN: O mga nagmula sa mundong ilalim, kayo’y aking tinatawagan. Pumunta kayo rito upang ako’y inyong matulungan, maprotektahan ang buhay at dangal ng inyong pinunong makapangyarihan.

*The dead people rose

BUYONG BARANUGON: Hangal! Hindi niyo ba naisaisip ang kahahantungan ng inyong pagpaparito upang ang inyong pinuno’y matulungan? Kamatayan niyo lang ang tangi niyong makukuha.

ASU MANGGA: Tama na ‘yan utu! Binalaan mo na sila, ngunit kung gusto talaga nilang makipagdigmaan, halina’t simulan na nating ang labanan.

*Baranugon shot the people with his poisonous arrow

*Saragnayan was the only one left

*Labaw Donggon talked to Baranugon

LABAW DONGGON: Anak ko, napakatapang mong makipaglaban. Ngunit, hindi talaga mapatay si Buyong Saragnayan. Tanungin mo na lang ang aking ina upang malaman ninyo kung papaano siya mapatay.

BUYONG BARANUGON: Lumipad kayo, taghoy at duwindi. Puntahan ninyo si Abyang Alunsina at balikan niyo ako kung may alam na kayo.

*Taghoy and Duwindi flew to Abyang Alunsina



*Abyang Alunsina talking to Taghoy and Duwindi

ABYANG ALUNSINA: Walang buhay ang loob ni Buyong Saragnayan kun’di nasa isang baboy sa lugar ng Paling Bukid. Sa pamamagitan ng pag buhos ng isang patak ng gayumang ito ay makakatulog ang baboy. At nang maka tulog na ito, patayin niyo na ito.

*Taghoy and Duwindi flew back to Baranugon



BUYONG BARANUGON: Asu Mangga, halika’t bilisan natin upang mapatay na natin ang baboy.

*They went immediately to Paling Bukid and poured the potion and killed the pig

*They went back to Saragnayan

BUYONG BARANUGON: Ngayon Buyong Saragnayan, wala ka nang buhay sa loob ng katawan mo. Matatapos ka na rin na’min sa wakas.

*Saragnayan became weak

BUYONG SARAGNAYAN: Huwag kang magmadali iho. Hayaan mong balikan muna ang aking asawa upang makapagpaalam ako sa kanya. Ako’y nanghihina na rin at mamamatay na.

BUYONG BARANUGON: Sige, hahayaan kitang bumalik sa iyong asawa. At pagkatapos, bumalik ka kaagad dito.

*Saragnayan went back home to his wife. He cuddled her and kiss her and let her sit on his lap

*He talked to his wife

BUYONG SARAGNAYAN: O aking magandang asawa.Ako’y hindi na magtatagal sa dahilang natalo ako ng mga anak ni Datu Labaw Donggon. Bumalik ako dito para lang makita muli ang iyong mukha sa huling sandali at makapagpaalam ako sa iyo. Magpakabait ka sana kung wala na ako. At sundin mo sana si Labaw Donggon kung ano man ang kanyang ipapagawa sa iyo at maging tapat ka sa kanya. Siguradong ikaw ang kanyang magiging unang prayoridad dahil napaka espesyal mo. Mahal na mahal kita.

NAGMALITUNG YAWA: Mahal ko, ako’y nalulungkot ngayon. Pangako ko’y maging tapat ako sa kanya ngunit tandaan mong palagi kang nasa puso at isipan ko. Mahal na mahal din kita.

BUYONG SARAGNAYAN: Matulog ka na, aking mahal. At babalik na ako doon nina Buyong Baranugon.

*Nagmalitung Yawa slept and Saragnayan went back to Baranugon

*Buyong Saragnayan killed him Buyong Saragnayan through his arrow struck within his head

And that was it. It wasn’t our best, but we felt good for having made this.