I do agree with the statement that a picture may be worth a thousand words but i guess in this situation these pictures are worth a thousand calories.

I love desserts. I guess most of us do. But there’s something about ice cream that makes me happy.

I am drawn to its simplicity and I am perplexed by the endless supply of its flavor. If you would ask me what would make me happy, well then i guess by now you already know the answer.

How ’bout you what makes you happy? Write it down in the comments below.

By: Jaymark Perpetua


My Mother

My Mother
By Ms.Yellow

I know a person
My only reason
She’s an angel to my eyes
And she’s pretty and nice

She’s as sweet as a flower
And as busy as a bee
She’s my only mother
Not like any other

In every problem
She’s there to solve them
And in every darkness
She casts some lightness

She’s a hero indeed
With a very good deed
Now I’m here to repay
To my mother, I’ll obey

Etched Feelings

Drawing is a complicated process for me. When I draw, I don’t just simply draw. I study what I draw.

When I draw full bodies of people, I study the anatomical structure of the human body, to make the drawing look right. When I draw clothes on people, I study the different fabric types; how creases would look like, how folds would look different on different kinds, how gravity and wind affects how clothes would flow. When I draw animals, I would also study their figures, their skin type; if they’re scaly, slippery or furry.

See? Although this doesn’t apply to all artists and frustrated artists, It applies to me and undoubtedly to some other artists out there.

Drawing is not just drawing. It’s like drawing a totally new world on a blank piece of canvas. It’s something we put our hearts into. I don’t want to be forced to draw, that makes my drawings crappy. However, when inspiration strikes, then I often draw what I want to draw until it’s done without taking breaks. Drawing is a passion, something we do with our hearts.

So whenever someone shares their drawings to you, don’t make fun of them, or their drawings, because they are sharing a piece of their self to you, learn to appreciate it.

Rant and digital drawing by: Rhea Mae Alao


I don’t sometimes understand why people bother with relationships. I’m not trying to be bitter or anything, it’s just confusing. If it’s hurting you, why bother staying? If you’re crying more than you’re smiling and laughing, why are you even continuing a twisted relationship? If you’re not happy anymore, why are you even bothering to fix things? Relationships, for me, are meant to make you feel like it’s worth living.

Or maybe you’re just clinging to a hope that everything will be alright someday, that things are going to go back to how it used to be. You used to be happy before this relationship happened; maybe some people are just scared to continue living without their newfound happiness. I honestly don’t know. I never tried having a destructive relationship yet. I directly cut off ties with people I don’t like.

Maybe that’s why relationships are precious. It’s like a double-edged sword. You’re giving someone something that could hurt you and at the same time, you can also hurt them. Maybe that’s why we must choose the people we want to form relationships with wisely.

By: Rhea Mae Alao

Poems by Fernandez IM C

We Used To Be

By: Fernandez IM C

I was once a child alone so innocent

But then I came to this very moment

I never knew someone out there could love me

As hurtful as the sting of a bee

You said promises you never granted

And now you’re happy but look at me, I’m haunted

You found someone new to pour out your love

As I am stuck nowhere like a homeless dove

First love is indeed painful when it fails

Makes you believe no more in tales

You once were the closest guy to me

Now our closeness is just a memory

You taught me how to love yet watch me fall

I thought you’d be different from them all

Well now everything seems to be in the past

Your love was never meant to last

Everything for you was just a lesson

But, which part? To my depression

I am alone in my room, empty

Thinking of what we have, we used to be.

You and Me

By: Fernandez IM C

You and me, we’re meant to be

But you went away and then left me

You and me, I thought forever

But your actions made me believe in never

You and me, I thought there was us

But when I cried, you didn’t budge

You and me, now I am all alone

You’re with her, never on your own

You and me, please fix my broken heart

Mend the pieces you tore apart

Prove to me that I am capable

Capable of being loved, without a broken cable

You and me, fear ate my whole self-up

Allowed something good to pop

You and me, regret is written on my face

But I have to smile and keep up with life’s pace

You and me, I wish we were not through

‘Coz you know, I’m not yet over you

You and me, you made a choice to leave

Now it’s all in the past, I have to believe.

Illogic Tradition

By: Fernandez IM C

(From “The Lottery by Shirley Jackson)

Forgot the date

Remembered tradition

Tried to oppose

The sinful culmination

They picked a paper

Each with shaking hands

Finding the “lucky” one

With a black mark on each end

“It wasn’t fair”

“It wasn’t right”

Protested the wife

Wishing to save her husband’s life

Draw by lot again

Still it was a fail

Hutchinson’s must be spared

But, to no avail

Wanted to be saved

Yet it was too late

A stone hit her head

Gave an end to her fate

Justice must be served

Illogic tradition must now end

Putting end to innocent lives

Should not be the way it is


Piety means prayerful.

In this class, they are prayerful. They believe that prayer  works. They  have a strong faith in God. They may not be perfect as a class but they will do their best for each other.

Their adviser Mrs. Darlene Arriesgado helps them develop good behavior. She tells them to do everything in moderation. She is a jamming teacher and a motherly adviser. She talks with her students when something is wrong. She also goes with them whenever her students hangout.

In a few months that section Piety is together they became noisy. At first, they were known as the most behaved class. But as time passed by, their true colors were shown, that they were naturally noisy and talkative.

Time happened so fast. In section Piety, they treat each other as sisters and brothers. There may be problems that occurred or will occur in this section but they will strive hard and solve that problem.

By: Kathleen Kirstean Ermac