Piety means prayerful.

In this class, they are prayerful. They believe that prayer  works. They  have a strong faith in God. They may not be perfect as a class but they will do their best for each other.

Their adviser Mrs. Darlene Arriesgado helps them develop good behavior. She tells them to do everything in moderation. She is a jamming teacher and a motherly adviser. She talks with her students when something is wrong. She also goes with them whenever her students hangout.

In a few months that section Piety is together they became noisy. At first, they were known as the most behaved class. But as time passed by, their true colors were shown, that they were naturally noisy and talkative.

Time happened so fast. In section Piety, they treat each other as sisters and brothers. There may be problems that occurred or will occur in this section but they will strive hard and solve that problem.

By: Kathleen Kirstean Ermac