Time Machine

(A short story inspired from Khaled Hosseini’s work: A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS)
by: Alao, Rhea Mae and Fernandez, Imee Marie
She needed to escape. She wanted and needed to see her mammy.
Everything seemed suffocating for her. She got out of the orphanage, breathless. She was grasping for air. Aziza clutched a hand in her chest and tried to control her rapid breathing. When she got her normal breathing back, her innocent eyes wandered the place. Aziza is an intelligent kid and even though she’s only 12, she recognized that she was no longer near her old home- the orphanage.
As her eyes wandered, her eyes landed on an old telephone booth. She suddenly had the urge to call her mom. She dialed on the phone but no one answered. Hopeless, she stepped out of the booth and noticed that she wasn’t home.
The place was odd and very strange. She looked back to where she came from but the telephone booth was gone. She felt goosebumps because all eyes were on her. People wore strange clothes, so different from what they wore back in the orphanage. She wandered around, finding her way back home.
A man in a blue uniform holding a black bat approached her. Her feet trembled and as much as she wanted to run away, she couldn’t. It seemed like her feet were glued to the ground. He bought her to the authorities and she feared for her life. She thought it was the end of her life and she soon started crying. She was only 12 and all she ever wanted was to see her mother.
People were hovering over her but she couldn’t understand a thing. They talked to her and she listened carefully even though she cannot understand anything. She tried to tell them about her mammy and everything in Afghanistan but all they did was shook their heads. They didn’t understand her as well.
Despite the miscommunication, they fed her, bathed her, and accommodated her for the night. The strangers were very kind and hospitable to her, that she felt calmed and at rest. Aziza felt the heaviness of her situation and dozed off. She just thought about finding her mammy for the next day.
And when she woke up the following day, the room looked familiar. She wandered her eyes and realized that she was back at the orphanage.
She idly wondered if everything was just a dream.